Oregon State Dispensary Law

How We Comply With Oregon’s Laws for Dispensaries

We are an independent laboratory that can help you meet the testing requirements for HB3460 (which took effect March 3, 2014) and further updates to dispensary testing laws including temporary rules put in place December 2, 2016.

We employ professional chemists and use state of the art equipment, valid testing methodologies, and use a quality control system for all testing.

We offer services that will allow you to comply with testing requirements, as well as more complex analysis services for those who want more information for themselves or their patients who have compromised immune systems.

Oregon Dispensary Law Testing Requirements

Random Sampling/Batch Testing

Green Leaf Lab follows procedures that ensure that random and representative samples are taken for the applicable testing procedure to ensure a proper sampling of the larger batch.

We have created a process in which batches of medical cannabis can remain in the possession of the customer during the testing process.

Our batch testing procedure and reporting processes create multiple safety checks to ensure that the results have not been tampered with and can be verifiable.

Immature Plants Verification

Immature Plants may be tested for pesticides, molds, or mildew by conducting a macroscopic or microscopic screening, to determine if the plant has a visible pesticide residue, molds, or mildew.

Green Leaf Lab has qualified personnel who can inspect your immature plants for pesticides, molds, or mildew, and also certify that they have passed the inspection procedure.


House Bill 3460 requires that all flower and processed products, such as edibles and concentrates, are tested for THC and CBD content.

We believe that everyone should have access to more information regarding cannabinoids. Green Leaf Lab also offers potency testing that reports 6 cannabinoids. These cannabinoids are: Delta 8 THC, Delta 9 THC, CBD, CBN, CBG and CBC.


Oregon State Dispensary Law requires that useable flower be tested for pesticides. If a concentrate or edible is made from a flower that has already been tested for pesticides a second pesticide screen is not required.

Our pesticide screen complies with the new requirements and detects the presence of the following compounds at a detection rate of 0.1 parts per million:

  • Chlorinated Hydrocarbons
  • Organophosphates
  • Carbamates
  • Pyrethroids


Oregon Law and OAR 333-008-1190 allowed for a mold and mildew limit of 10,000 CFU/g.

We at Green Leaf Lab believe this limit is too high, as there is not enough peer-reviewed scientific research that shows this limit is safe for medicinal patients.
Ordering a mold test for dispensary-bound cannabis can enhance patient safety and demonstrate that you use production techniques that ensure the highest quality medical marijuana.


Oregon State Dispensary Law requires that a dispensary follow proper labeling guidelines before medical cannabis is transferred to a patient.

The label must include at a minimum:

  • The amount of THC and CBD in the useable marijuana.
  • If the product is pre-packaged, the weight or volume in metric units, such as grams.
  • The amount of useable marijuana in a finished product, in metric units, such as milliliters, milligrams or grams.
  • Who performed the testing.
  • If the product is a medicated edible, it must have a warning label on the outside of the package that states “WARNING: MEDICINAL PRODUCT- KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN”. This must be in bold capital letters, in a font size that is larger than the type size of the other printing and on the label prominently displayed on the product and easy to read.

How Green Leaf Lab Can Help You Comply With Oregon State Dispensary Law

Our sampling methods, batch testing procedures, verification procedures, testing services, and results will help you comply with the testing requirements.

We offer sampling services at your medical marijuana production and processing facility.

Orders placed with Green Leaf Lab will received a Strain Facts™ laboratory test report, and optionally you can order custom vinyl Strain Facts™ Labels and a custom certified Strain Facts™ Card.

Depending on the services you order, custom vinyl Strain Facts™ labels will come with:

  • The name of your farm/garden/dispensary
  • The name of your product
  • Area to write in the metric weight of your product
  • Potency results
  • Pesticide screen results
  • Molds and Mildew results
  • Aerobic plate count results
  • E.coli and salmonella screen results
  • Residual solvent results

Depending on the services your order, custom certified Strain Facts™ Card will come with:

  • The name of your farm/garden/dispensary
  • The name of the product
  • Photograph of the product that was tested
  • Potency results
  • Pesticide screen results
  • Molds and Mildew results
  • Aerobic plate count results
  • E.coli and salmonella screen results
  • Residual solvent results
  • Signature of Laboratory Official
  • Tamper-proof Green Leaf Lab hologram