Our Mission

Green Leaf Lab is the Northwest’s premier laboratory for providing Cannalysis™. We utilize standardized scientific instrumentation and employ professionally educated chemists for all cannabis testing and screening procedures.

We are an independent third-party analytical laboratory that believes in educating medical cannabis patients and providers through standardized cannabis testing procedures. It is our goal to further legitimize medical cannabis by imparting knowledge through testing, education and information.

We believe that Cannalysis™:

  • Advances quality control for medical cannabis
  • Supports the safe consumption of cannabis
  • Ensure transparency for our medical cannabis community

We believe that information gained through scientific testing leads to the safer use of medical cannabis.

We believe that patients have the right to know what is in their medicine.

We believe that patients have the right to know the potency of their medical cannabis.

We believe patients should have the right to safe medicine.

We believe in rigorous testing procedures to provide accurate results.

We are committed to a high standard of excellence.

We believe that only experienced and educated chemists are able to provide accurate, credible and reliable results.

We are committed to our customer’s success by imparting information and knowledge in a positive and professional manner.

We believe in operating our business in an environmentally-conscious manner, and choose products that are environmentally friendly, recycled, up-cycled, or made in the U.S.A., whenever possible.

We are here to help you succeed.