Sampling Protocols

All product needs to be sampled following these state sampling guidelines

Updated December 2, 2016

Medical Marijuana Testing

The following will be required for a sampling representative to service you:

  • Have all product pre-packaged in units and proper containers to be batch bagged.
  • Weigh out each unit or container and write the net weight and tare weight on each unit or container to be batch bagged.

A Green Leaf Lab representative will not weigh out or confirm weights. They will write on the batch bags approximate weights.

Recreational Testing

A Green Leaf Lab representative will come to your facility to perform testing. You must have all your batch/process lots separated and ready for sampling.

Under the new OHA/OLCC October 1 rules, pesticide testing for large batches has changed. October 1 sampling protocols are the same. They are still based on ten pound batches. The laboratory will randomly select the sample package from a batch to be tested for pesticides.

Recreational flower: Harvest lot size in pounds Number of 10lb batches required for pesticide testing Number of 10lb batches required for all other testing
0-10 1 1
11-30 1 3
31-60 2 6
61-90 3 9
91-120 4 12
121-150 5 15
151-180 6 18
181-210 7 21