Oregon’s October 1 2016 Testing Rules Are Now In Effect

All cannabis testing in Oregon must now utilize an OLCC licensed and ORELAP accredited testing laboratory to certify products for the recreational and medical marijuana markets.

For more information, visit the OLCC’s web site.

Green Leaf Lab ORELAP Accredited Services

  • Pesticide
  • Potency
  • Residual Solvents
  • Water Activity
  • Moisture Content
  • Sampling

Additional Services

  • Terpenes
  • Mold
  • Process Validation/Homogeneity Testing

View Green Leaf Lab’s ORELAP Fields of Accreditation (analyte list)

New and Previous Clients

To Order Testing Services After October 1 2016

  1. Download the following PDF files from our web site. Complete these fillable PDF forms electronically with your information and save, adding your company name and the date to the file name (example: gll-clientinfo-yourcompany-2016-10-26.pdf)
    Fillable PDF notes
    – Download and use the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader to ensure success.
    – Follow Adobe’s instructions to digitally insert your signature.
    – If you have difficulty with the fillable forms: printable PDFs and instructions are at the bottom of this page.
  2. Send an email to Use the email subject:Request for Analysis, with the, your company name and the county you are located in. Attach the completed Client Information, Terms and Conditions, and Request for Analysis forms.
  3. Once you have emailed your forms, we will review them and create a new account for you. A Green Leaf Lab sampling representative will call you and set up an appointment.
  4. Client Information and Terms and Conditions forms will only be required once. For future orders, you may simply submit a new Request for Analysis form.
  5. Failing to fill out forms properly, or not including all required information, will result in delayed appointment.


All payments must be made at time of sampling.


Turn-around Time

7-10 business days.

Please note: turn around times are kept current. Turn around time begins the day after the sampling event and does not include weekend or holidays.

Medical Marijuana Testing

The following will be required for a sampling representative to service you:

  • Have all product pre-packaged in units and proper containers to be batch bagged.
  • Weigh out each unit or container and write the net weight and tare weight on each unit or container to be batch bagged.

A Green Leaf Lab representative will not weigh out or confirm weights. They will write on the batch bags approximate weights.

Recreational Testing

A Green Leaf Lab representative will come to your facility to perform testing. You must have all your batch/process lots separated and ready for sampling.

Under the new OHA/OLCC October 1 rules, pesticide testing for large batches has changed. October 1 sampling protocols are the same. They are still based on ten pound batches. The laboratory will randomly select the sample package from a batch to be tested for pesticides.

Recreational flower: Harvest lot size in pounds Number of 10lb batches required for pesticide testing Number of 10lb batches required for all other testing
0-10 1 1
11-30 1 3
31-60 2 6
61-90 3 9
91-120 4 12
121-150 5 15
151-180 6 18
181-210 7 21

Sampling Protocols

Flower, extracts/concentrates, and topical testing require a minimum of four grams of product sample per analysis to be performed, which may include pesticide, potency, solvent, or a combination thereof. However, a larger total sample may be required, based on ORELAP SOP sampling guidelines below.

All product needs to be sampled following these state sampling guidelines

Interpreting Test Results

To learn how to read and understand your test results, please visit our How To Read Your Results page.

What If My Sample Fails Testing?

Under Oregon rules, failed test results must be reported to the overseeing state agency (OLCC or OHA) by the testing laboratory, within 24 hours, for either medical or recreational clients, at the same time as or before reporting results to the grower or processor.

Please see the guidance on for further information.

Information on OHA Testing Rules

Visit The OHA Marijuana Testing Requirements page for more info.

For information on Pesticides and Residual Solvents that are required to be tested under Oregon Law please see the following document:

Printable PDF forms

If you are having difficulty with the fillable PDF forms, please use these standard PDF files. You will need to print out these documents, fill them out by hand, and scan them to PDF using a computer scanner at 150-300 dot-per-inch resolution. Please rename and email your PDFs following the previous instructions.